Corporate Taxation


 Nearly everything that your business does has corporate tax implications. Navigating the complicated and constantly changing tax laws is time-consuming, difficult and a strain on your workforce.

Our certified experts at Quon & Associates Professional Accountants are intimately familiar with Canadian tax law and are always expanding their knowledge of the current laws and regulations in order to minimize your corporate tax burden. Our tax planning services take into account a multitude of Canadian and US taxes including income tax, payroll tax, and capital taxes. In addition to providing planning services to minimize your corporate tax burden, we will also prepare your corporate tax returns.

Not only can we assist your business with their Canadian corporate tax compliance, we can also advise on your US corporate tax compliance.

Even if you do not have a permanent location in the US, if you have business activities in the US you may have a US filing requirement. We can assist you with determination of and completion of any required corporate US federal tax filings, as well as any required corporate US state tax filings.

We are also available to liaise with the Canada Revenue Agency or the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf as required.

In order to minimize your corporate tax burden and ensure that you do not miss any tax filings and/or deadlines, please contact us today!

You will find our year end checklist here for your convenience. Please check off the items you believe apply and bring your receipts and other documentation to your appointment. This will help reduce our work and your fees for your businesse’s financial statements and tax return preparation.

Important dates:

  • Canadian Corporate Tax Return due date for CCPC’s: six (6) months after fiscal year end date
  • Canadian T1135 Foreign Income Verification Statement due date: same date as Canadian corporate tax return
  • Canadian Corporate Tax Payments – CCPC’s: the last day of the third month after fiscal year end
  • Canadian Corporate Tax Payments – Non-CCPC’s: the last day of the second month after fiscal year end
  • T4, T4A and T5 filing deadline: February 28th 
  • GST/HST Return due dates: dependant on being a monthly, quarterly, or annual filer
  • US Corporate Tax Return due date: dependant on whether or not there is an office or place of business in the US