Business Planning


Corporate Reorganizations

Tax planning surrounding a corporate reorganization in situations such as withdrawal of a shareholder, mergers and estate freezes cannot only save significant money now, but reduce future taxes payable upon death, dissolution, or sale. There are also special tax items to consider when the shareholder is a US citizen or resident, which we can assist with.


Purchase or Sale of a Business

Buying or selling a business is not as simple as placing an advertisement looking for a buyer or browsing through the classified ads.  There are many aspects to the buy/sell process with regards to businesses, including valuations of the business and negotiating on the final price.  As a buyer, you may need to provide net worth statements or financial statements to your bank in order to secure financing.  As a seller, you may be involved in due diligence processes where potential buyers want to review specific details about your business, its historical financial performance, and its future financial projections.  If you need some assistance in this area, or if you need some recommendations, we would be happy to discuss with you.

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