Our Firm’s News

2nd Annual Stampede Breakfast (Posted May 9, 2013)
Time to start thinking about dusting off your cowboy boots and grabbing your stetsons! Our 2nd annual stampede breakfast will be taking place Friday July 12. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Our Newest Partner, Cyndy Packard (Posted Jan 10, 2013)
We would like to take a moment and welcome Cyndy Packard to the firm. Back in 2010 Cyndy was an employee here at Quon, then left us to strengthen her US tax knowledge and complete her US CPA designation. She is now back to stay as our newest partner and will be an invaluable asset to our team. Welcome back Cyndy!


No Computer Software Training over Tax Season (Posted Oct 15, 2012)
Please note that during our very busy tax season, our software training specialists will be unavailable to train from March 1, 2013 through to May 9, 2013. We appreciate your understanding!


Nhu Hoang is Now a Commissioner for Oaths (Posted Sep 6, 2011)
Nhu Hoang, RPA joins Jo Ann Mac Neill as a Commissioner for Oaths. Both are pleased to perform Commissioner of Oaths services for our clients.

Also, with the winter travel season approaching, any of our accountants can also be a guarantor of your passport photos when you apply for or renew your passport(s). When a person renews his/her passport, he/she does not need anyone to sign the form. When a person applies for a new passport, we need to have known this person for at least two (2) years in order to sign the form. See the link below for more details.

Please note there is no charge for these services; however, we kindly ask that you please call ahead to ensure availability of our Commissioners for Oaths.

More information: Passport Application Forms


Access Your Computer Remotely (Posted Jul 21, 2011)
This tool allows you to remotely access a specified computer(s) securely over the Internet from any other computer or laptop, anywhere around the world. Gain access wherever there is an Internet connection – be it at homes, on the road, or even at a client’s office. Click here to find out more!


Calculators: Credit Card Payoff and More! (Posted Aug 31, 2010)
If you’d like to find out how many months or the size of the payments needed to pay off your credit card or other loan, visit this website.